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Onboard Your Workers Remotely in 14 Minutes or Less

Written By TCWGlobal
On May, 13 2020
1 minute read

We know that you've had to adapt your workforce over the last year given the unprecedented challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic had on organizations. TargetCW's award-winning software, StaffingNation, ensures that this new way of doing business won't hold you back or cause any hiccups when it comes to mobilizing your contingent workforce. Our technology is a complete ecosystem of tools that grow with you as you scale your workforce up or down.  Our powerful software adapts to your needs so that you can get back to focusing on your team's vision and goals. 

Below are just some of the benefits to utilizing TargetCW for your employer of record needs: 

  • Remotely onboard workers in 14 minutes or less utilizing StaffingNation!
  • Have the ability to hire anywhere around the globe
  • Simplify your administrative burden with our paperless and remote I9 process
  • Gain full visibility into your workforce including POs, compliance dashboards, department spend, and worker life cycles
  • Offboard workers with the click of a single button
  • Rest easy knowing our technology is a secure SAAS environment
  • Lose the burden of managing taxes, employee benefits, risks and liabilities
  • Minimize unemployment claims with trial-hires
  • Enjoy no conversion fees or minimums

To learn more about how TargetCW can help you maximize your contingent workforce, contact us at or 858.810.3000.

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